Why Your Art Should Have A Certificate of Authenticity  (Download A Free Certificate of Authenticity Template)

(Click here to download free template)

Over the course of the past twenty years I have attended countless art and culture events. One of the things that has stood out to me is that the artists that are able to sell for higher prices are far more advanced in how they present the value of their work. A valuable tool that they use to convey the value of their works is a Certificate of Authenticity.

What Is A Certificate of Authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is usually printed or written on paper, although this piece of paper may be laminated. A certificate of authenticity is created by the creator of the art. It can be written, typed, or a combination of both. It includes:

  • A statement that includes specific details about a singular piece of art. For example, this statement will clarify whether the piece is an original or one of a numbered series of prints.
  • The name of the artist.
  • The year the piece was created.
  • The medium used to create the art. (for example “oil on canvas”)
  • The dimensions and weight (optional) of the piece.
  • Signature of the artist.

Why You Need A Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity is valuable and necessary for paintings, carvings, photography, or any original art pieces. For those of you that sell prints, a limited and numbered print series instantly raises the value of each print. They sell for significantly higher prices than posters or unnumbered prints. The value of the print is enhanced when it includes a certificate of authenticity.

When you share with a potential buyer that the piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, it builds confidence in a buyer. Furthermore, a certificate of authenticity enables the owner to prove the value of the piece in case of theft, natural disaster, or any unfortunate event. It also makes it much easier if the buyer should decide to sell the piece or pass it along to a loved one.

(Click here to download free template)

Download A Certificate of Authenticity

Certificates can be as elaborate as the creator chooses. Feel free to download our free template in our store (click here). There are a number of software programs that will enable you to create a certificate of authenticity. Perhaps the simplest is Microsoft Publisher, which is easy, available, and intuitive.


A certificate of authenticity adds value to any work of art and enables an owner to prove the originality of the work. Be sure to create one for your work, especially your more high value pieces.

Also, it is a very good idea to set your buyer up with a Bill of Sale. We will address Bills of Sale in a subsequent post.

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