PDF, Mobi, and EPUB: Understanding The Most Commonly Used E-book Formats

It is clear that electronic book (e-book) readership is here to stay and has had a dramatic impact on the business of book publishing. In 2016 at least 30% of all book readers reported that they had read at least one book in e-book format in the previous 12 months. E-book sales are expected to eclipse 20 billion dollars for the year 2018. About 20% of American readers are dedicated to the e-book format with another 23% reading about the same number of print books and e-books. New and experienced authors MUST implement an e-book strategy to grow their sales, popularity, and readership. Readers must be mindful of the various e-book formats and the degree of compatibility with their devices.

The Most Popular E-book Formats

There are many e-book formats however the e-book market is dominated by 3 formats. These formats are Mobi, EPUB, and PDF.

Mobi – Mobi is based on an open-standard eBook format using XHTML and JavaScript. Mobi stands for Mobipocket eBook format. It is commonly used by Amazon Kindle. Mobi limits the size of their e-book files to 64 KB size. Mobi works with every platform except Android. Just like EPUB, the text of is “reflowable”, meaning that the text moves to provide a more convenient viewing experience. If offers advanced navigation. Mobi files have the .prc or .mobi extension.

EPUB –  The electronic publication format, commonly referred to as EPUB, is an open-standard format created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is most popular with e-Reader users including Aldiko on Android, Nook (Barnes and Noble), and iBooks (Apple). EPUB files use the .epub extension.

PDF – Portable Document Format, also known as PDF. PDF is compatible with all platforms. Not only is it the oldest of the three formats, it is the most used of all the formats. With PDFs, the text is not movable and maintains the same layout as the original.

Is It Possible To Convert These Formats?

The answer is YES! There are a number of websites that enable writers or buyers to convert their file to these three popular formats and others without a charge. Two of those sites are Ebook.online-convert.com and Toepub.com.

At artsoko.com, which is a marketplace website dedicated to serving artists and authors, it is possible to sell products in whichever format the creator chooses.


In past years it might have been difficult for creators to choose a format to publish their work. Although Amazon has the largest share of the e-book market with Mobi and the Kindle reader, Amazon insists on being the sole publisher of e-books published through their format. EPUB can be read by all the other readers outside of Kindle. PDF is most popular but limited in flexibility. A wise choice for the current age of digital publishing may be to pursue selling on platforms like artsoko.com that enable the selling of e-books in all formats.




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