About Us

Artsoko.com caters to artist and authors by providing free online stores that are fully-functioning and accommodates digital and physical products. We also support  artists by hosting regular online and in-person events.

We make it safe and convenient for buyers to explore some of the world’s great talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. We do this by partnering with talented artists to create a virtual art emporium! (Click here to learn more about selling art on artsoko.com).                                                        

 There are no fees to buy at artsoko.com other than the cost of the item, applicable taxes, and shipping charges.

Artsoko.com defines art broadly. Our definition of art includes the spectrum of visual and creative arts including but not limited to physical items such as paintings, prints, carvings, mixed-media, books, antiques, CDs, and DVD’s.

Artsoko.com easily accommodates digital files such as software, ebooks (EPUB and Mobi), audio, PDF’s, and many other formats.