Book Publishing Services Book Publishing Services helps you to bring your book project to fruition. We provide a number of services suited for your book publishing needs.
We offers consultation for those who are in the process of envisioning, outlining, or writing their book. For those who have completed the writing process, we offer a number of services to help you deliver a professional grade book and e-book to the market.


Contact us at regarding your project. We will respond to you via email. If you are in the United States and would like to communicate via phone, please leave a phone number. If you decide to work with us, we will send you a contract that will explicitly explain what we will do and the timeline in which we will do it. On orders less than $100 we ask that you pay upfront. On order of $100 or more, we ask that you pay half upfront and the other half upon completion of the project. Payments will be through PayPal or credit card.


Consultation $50 per hour
Dr. Perry Kyles will share knowledge of the book publishing field to make the publishing experience efficient, stress-free, and inexpensive. Perry Kyles, PhD is the lead editor. He has over 20 years publishing experience as an editor, publisher, writer, and author. You can contact him directly at or contact him through this website at
Proofreading One and a half (.015) cents per word – a minimum of $50 per project.
Proofreading is a careful review of text before it goes to print to check for typographical errors. Additionally, proofreading eliminates spacial gaps, and other mistakes that prevent proper presentation. Proofreading should be the last stage of the editing process, especially if you are working on a large project such as a book or dissertation. We use several rounds of proofing to eliminate typographical errors. The editor cannot guarantee that there will be no typographical errors as they are common in texts although we do our best to eradicate ALL errors.
Copyediting Two cents per word – a minimum of $50 per project.
Copyediting includes editing for misspelled words, grammar, and punctuation. The copyeditor is not responsible for restructuring sentences, changing word choices (except for misspelled words), citing sources, or securing permission to use copyrighted material. However we will consult with you regarding suggested changes in those areas.
ISBN $125 per ISBN
You will own the ISBN (plus barcode) and will be able to use it with any publishing outlet.
Typesetting One cent per word – a minimum of $100 per project. $10 per each distinct chapter heading.
Typesetting is the digital or physical arrangement of text. This important process will play a major part in the readability of the text.
Book Cover $200 per book cover

We will oversee the creation of a customized book cover for your book. This includes the front matter, back matter, and the spine. Share your vision with us.