How do I apply for an artsoko.com store to sell my products?

Read the “ABOUT” section in the menu, the “Information For Vendors” page that is under the “VENDORS” section in the menu, and the “Why Use Artsoko.com To Sell Your Products?” page that is in the “VENDORS” section of the menu.

  1. Click on “LOGIN” in the menu. The will bring up the “MY ACCOUNT” page.
  2. Under the “Register” section type in your email address and a password that you would like to use.
  3. You will be prompted the answer the following five questions:

What is the name of your company?

Have you read our “About Us” page and our “Information For Vendors” page in the menu?

Do your products fit within the theme of this marketplace?

What type of products will you sell on artsoko.com?

Do you agree to ship physical products to the buyer within 3 days of their purchase?

Artsoko.com will respond soon after to approve or deny your registration.

Can I sell prints on artsoko.com or only original art pieces?

You may sell prints and/or originals from your artsoko.com store. You can limit the number of prints if you want.

How is shipping handled for physical products?

Shipping prices are calculated along with the price of the item and tax. They are based on the dimensions and weight of the item.

Does artsoko.com enable the selling of digital items?

Yes. Check the “virtual” box and the “downloadable” box in the product description. You will be asked at the end of the product description to upload the digital product. It will be available to the buyer once the transaction is approved and the buyer can easily download the digital product. Works very well music, e-books, and nearly all types of digital items. The size limit is 512 MB, which is enough for nearly all e-book and audio files.