Marketing Tools

These are some of the tools that I have found to be most effective in managing my e-mail subscribers, hosting online events, learning about my customers, and also conducting marketing campaigns. This list will be continuously updated.

#1) ConvertKit  ConvertKit

Over the course of the last 10 years I have promoted book signings, art shows, webinars, and many other types of gatherings. I have found that my most valuable tool has been my email list – not my website. My list has been more valuable than Facebook, Eventbrite, or any other platform. Why has my email list been my most valuable asset? My list has enabled me to share and/promote to people that I have met personally, bought from me already, or have had some type of positive interaction with me in the past. As you have probably discovered, it is much easier to sell to someone that is familiar with what you have to offer than someone that is unfamiliar with you.  An email list enables you to those individuals with great ease. It enables a small business or an upstart to possess many of the same marketing tools that were only available to larger, well-financed businesses in the past.

I rank Convert Kit over all the other popular autoresponders. I have used Active Campaign, Constant Contact, AWeber, and Mail Chimp. I found ConvertKit to be easier to use than Active Campaign with the same essential automation tools, yet Convert Kit is far less expensive.

There is no competition between ConvertKit and Constant Contact. Constant Contact is more expensive than ConvertKit yet Constant Contact has no automation tools or landing pages. If you are using Constant Contact, you will be very happy if you transition to ConvertKit. Some folks will say that Constant Contact’s e-mail builder is more attractive than ConvertKit’s text-based e-mail system. However my opening and response rate has been higher with ConvertKit. Not to mention, the ConvertKit has easy to use A/B Testing, which Constant Contact does not have. Furthermore, ConvertKit provides much more intricate and useful data regarding your e-mail campaigns.

I tried AWeber because it is popular and I did not want to commit to ConvertKit until I tried it. I registered for a free trial however I noticed a $15 charge from them a few days later. The first person that I interacted with told me that they did not know why I was charged the $15. They did return it to my account. The email builder was not bad and the autoresponder was not bad either. I chose ConvertKit over AWeber because ConvertKit comes with landing pages. The landing pages can be easily modified to collect e-mails and transmit free gifts rather easily.

The combination of reasonable price, landing pages, funnel/automation sequences, compatibility (with WordPress, WebinarJam, etc.), A/B Testing, analysis of e-mail campaigns, easy segmentation, high opening rate, and very good customer service is why I suggest that artists, authors, bloggers, and small businesses get started with ConvertKit as soon as possible. Conversion from your previous user to ConvertKit is quite easy.

If you have not already, get started with an e-mail list. Your e-mail list will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals. An e-mail list will pay you for your time 10-fold.

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#2 Webinar Jam    

Webinar Jam is extremely convenient and ideal for anyone seeking to host free or paid webinars. Webinar Jam does not require you to download any applications or any other software to host webinars. In the past, I have tried several webinar platforms. The set-up process for Webinar Jam is quite simple and very affordable relative to other platforms.

Webinar Jam offers landing pages that enables easy registration for participants. If you choose to host paid webinars, you can simply use that page as a registration page after the participant has paid via PayPal or a page on your website.

Webinar Jam has helped me to increase my customer leads my by hosting online events. The functionality is extraordinary. I have been able to conveniently integrate video, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF’s with not problem. If you are an educator, you will find the whiteboard tool useful and easy to use. Also, it is easy bring in co-hosts or guests to the webinar. Their price is very competitive and the company hosts live, weekly webinars where they respond to all questions. If you are a creator, Webinar Jam is an ideal format for a global book launch or an album launch.

Do not sleep on this powerful tool. I am not particularly hi-tech, however I am very happy that I discovered Webinar Jam.

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