Information For Vendors

The seller/vendor is responsible for shipping the item to the buyer in a safe manner within 72 hours. The buyer will pay shipping charges along with the payment for the item.

It is easy to list items on, which makes it ideal for new and experienced sellers.

We offer each artist customizable stores with unlimited product listings.


Your only expense is the 10% commission that will go to and a (a 2.9% transaction fee + 30 cents) PayPal fee. The commission and the transaction fee are based on the listing price.

The process of remitting payment to the seller/vendor takes less seven days from the time the payment is made by the buyer. Sellers can request an immediate payout after by mailing proof of shipping to The first immediate payout is free and each subsequent expedited payout is $3.00.


Shipping charges will be paid by the buyer along with the cost of the item and applicable taxes. These charges will be remitted to the seller along with the balance owed to the seller.