Why Use Artsoko.com To Sell Online?

Artsoko.com enables artists to easily create a free online store that fulfills all their needs. Our stores are customizable, therefore artists can use their own logo or banner if they choose.

Our fees are very low. Artsoko.com is  offered to all artists and sellers of art. The artist/seller will only have to pay our commission (10% of price) and the paypal fee (2.9% + .30 cents). The remaining balance is remitted to the seller. There are no hidden charges, listing fees, or referral fees. Sellers’ profits from their sales are remitted to them in less than seven days from the time of the sell and even less than that if they request an expedited transfer($3 fee) to their account.

Artsoko.com is a great way to bring exposure to your art. Firstly, it is an art-related website – not a mixture of countless unrelated objects.

We create culture and community by hosting online events instead of relying on viewers to coincidentally find our website.

We accommodate various media. Therefore, you can sell your physical and digital items directly from your artsoko.com store.

If you are a part of the world art community, you should definitely join artsoko.com!